Tuesday, August 28, 2018

3D CAD models... from NASA

Having a resource for accurate ready-built CAD models certainly saves time. From hardware fasteners to specific product designs, more and more suppliers are providing 3D models of their products either directly from their sites, or through community contribution sites that host supplier-certified models.

Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV) concept
courtesy of NASA
So it should be no surprise that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is doing the same by providing 3D CAD models of the many technological marvels that have traveled the sky and beyond.

Currently the NASA 3D Resources site is hosting over 300 models that range from A (AcrimSAT) to Z (Z2 Spacesuit), and include the full array of manned, unmanned and satellite programs. Files are primarily available in obj format, and they are in the process of converting models to stl format for 3D printing.

Therefore, whether your interest is driven by design, curiosity or nostalgia, NASA 3D models are certainly an intriguing resource to living history.