Friday, July 30, 2010

SolidWorks... Leading the Job Trend

The past decade has seen tremendous effort put forth by the major 3D CAD platform developers.  This has not only involved significant refinements in software and user interfaces, but also the manner by which these developments address genuine user needs.  Complementing these aspects, we find marketing and consumer education have also been integral in establishing SolidWorks as the 3D CAD of choice among many.

Providing the numbers to confirm the growing trend in SolidWorks use, data indicates a notable distinction among 3D CAD job opportunities, with SolidWorks as the evident leader.  Please note that this chart is directly linked and thus may show variation and trend different from the time of this article submission.

Of course, the details behind this trend are multi-faceted and beyond the scope of this article, but this data should be most reassuring. As the scene of this world continues to change and economies remain uncertain, having apprecication that SolidWorks is growing as the major 3D CAD platform of choice among employers provides added confidence in the potential toward rewarding opportunities for the SolidWorks CAD entrepreneur.