Friday, September 14, 2012

TeamPlatform... real design collaboration

There was a time when exchanging files through email and ftp sites defined collaboration.  That no longer is the case. TeamPlatform has redefined the new norm for design collaboration with an impressively functional and secure web service! 

(c) VisPower Technology, Inc
Design firms and individuals providing CAD design services will certainly find TeamPlatform worth looking into.  Among the three web-based plans that are offered, the Personal membership is cost free thereby providing a great incentive for potential users to take that next step in genuine collaboration.  In doing so, VisPower Technology, Inc has commendably demonstrated they are sincere in encouraging interest and confidence in their service.  Two additional plans are tiered for Team and Enterprise use and both of these are reasonably priced.  All plans allow for unlimited free Guests.

A brief review of just some of the notable features of TeamPlatform include:
  • A dashboard, interface, file sharing and management that reveals a refreshing and clean sensibility
  • Superb viewers for both 2D and 3D, along with intuitive markup capability
  • Version control with history, task and workspace management that speaks 'this is real collaboration'
  • Many of the file management features are made with the Solidworks user in mind
  • Mobile compatibility that ensures the benefits of TeamPlatform will extend well beyond the desk   
Sure, bouncing project files back and forth by email can be exciting, especially so when you're not sure which version you may be looking at!  But for any who want to collaborate in the truest sense of the word, TeamPlatform has just what real design collaborators are looking for!

In an upcoming post we will look at the potential of using TeamPlatform as a longterm CAD vault.