Friday, August 8, 2014

Onshape... opens its doors with a CAD pre-production offering

Onshape Incorporated  has just opened its doors, albeit slightly with a fresh and updated website providing a glimpse into this new company and the excitement they are bringing to the CAD community. With a welcoming and transparent view of the team and credentials, the company includes a robust mix of industry veterans in the fields of engineering, marketing, sales & support, user experience & product definition, along with a variety of interns getting in on the ground floor of something substantial.

Among the early surprises is the offering to be considered for an early access pre-production version of Onshape. The criteria to be considered includes a willingness to share details of your real design project, keep all information about Onshape confidential, and that you don't work directly or indirectly for a CAD vendor or reseller. If interested, you may want to hurry since the offering will be limited to a select number of design teams.

For what you might be giving up in this pre-production arrangement, you gain by receiving free early product access, technical support, the opportunity to steer the development of Onshape, and recognition / credits towards the production release.

No doubt the CAD community at large is eager to see and hear more about this new product, as the original pioneers of SolidWorks develop Onshape further, for as they say... "the world has changed."

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