Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CAD Contracting... the growing trend

It is apparent that many larger companies recognize the value of hiring contractors for a multitude of services.  Bringing both monetary and intrinsic benefits to an employer, hiring contractors is an increasingly appealing option across the spectrum for what companies are looking for.  Without delving into the macro or micro-economics involved, the trend toward hiring contractors is evident in the numbers.

If you are already positioned to provide contracted CAD services, then you have a unique option for remaining active in the ever changing landscape of employment opportunities.  If you are one who is contemplating whether creating a CAD business is worth the time and effort, then it might be shrewd to listen to those who are paid to study economic trends.
  • CNNMoney.com reports in an article entitled The Rise of Freelance Nation, "Don't wait for the company to push you. Start thinking like an entrepreneur now".  In addition to identifying that independent contractors will increase from the present 30% of the U.S. job market in 2009 to 40% in 2019, the article adds that 'the trend is expected to spread to professions such as accounting, engineering, health care, law, and sales'.
  • MSN Money also stated in a December 2009 report of CEOs interviewed for PricewaterhouseCoopers' Private Company Trendsetter Barometer survey, that "among the 35 percent of leading private companies that believe they will have to fill in some skills gaps... 22 percent plan to use contractors as means to fill skills gaps at their companies."
Yes, as the numbers indicate, more and more companies are realizing the benefits that independent contractors can add to the dynamics of a workforce.  That being said, having ones own business to provide CAD services allows for an added and significant measure of hiring advantage in these times of changing economics.