Monday, April 15, 2013

Epigrid... on the forefront of Cloud-Hosted EPDM

Recognition as to the benefits of a product data management (PDM) system is growing among many SolidWorks CAD users.  Higher-end PDM systems such as SolidWorks Enterprise PDM however, are often out of reach for most small businesses or independent CAD users.  In effect adding insult to injury, not only is the high cost of EPDM software an obstacle, just supporting such a system requires a real working knowledge of information technology.   So what solutions are available to bridge the "wants versus needs" gap inherent with current CAD PDM packages?

One company that has addressed this niche is Epigrid.   As to why he started the company, Chief Technical Officer Chad Garrish states "I saw a hole in the market between what engineering wanted, and what IT could really give them."  Founded in 2012, and based in Suwanee, Georgia USA, Epigrid provides affordable cloud-hosted EPDM.  Combining their experience in engineering data management along with server, network and  cloud management, Epigrid has made their services, vault configuration, and support flexible and scale-able to any sized group or budget. 

Notably, Epicure's approach to security reinforces they have a real grasp on what CAD users need in a hosted PDM service.  The importance of security is evident by their arrangement of privately hosted architecture, multiple layers of advanced security methods, constant data protection, HIPAA-compliant data centers, and disaster recovery center.

Epigrid also demonstrates an openness and transparency that is refreshing among young startups.  Chief Information Officer Lewis Halski warmly invites those interested to view their FAQ videos, and to call or email with questions.  With short to-the-point videos that reflect IT sensibility, and all the EPDM cloud-hosting tools one could ask for, Epigrid is on the forefront in providing a unique service that addresses a real need among many CAD users.