Thursday, July 5, 2018

Google Sites... "an effortless way to create beautiful sites"

For any startup CAD entrepreneur / contractor / freelancer looking to quickly and easily create a web presence without the overhead of a paid domain, using Google Sites has been a great zero cost solution. Since being redesigned in 2016, the new Google Sites provides a clean, crisp updated look supported with simple, easy to use tools. In addition, having a web site that works and looks great across mobile and desktop devices is essential today, and Google Sites does it perfectly!

As anticipated, the option to migrate classic sites to the new sites became available this year. After migrating, you have the choice to keep the same URL, or to create a new address.  Also, as forewarned in the migrate process, not everything from old sites migrates perfectly to the new. So after migrating and some playing around, you might just find it more convenient to simply recreate your pages, and thus give everything a fresh new look.

Granted, there are some inherent limitations to the ready-made editing tools, but it's a fair trade-off considering everything provided is free. Also included is the option to add embedded code which certainly helps give more latitude to how you develop and design your site.

As you edit and work with the choices / options for a header, theme, and page layouts, you will likely agree with the marketing plug at the bottom of a new sites page… “Made with the new Google Sites, an effortless way to create beautiful sites.