Sunday, January 18, 2009

Go for It! ...Ways to generate CAD business opportunties

Generating new CAD business opportunities can initally appear to be an intimidating challenge, especially if you don't consider yourself to have marketing savvy or shtick. However, a genuine approach with sincerity and enthusiasm can do much to counter any deficit when it comes to creating and building business rapport and opportunity with others.

With that in mind, begin by noting that there are two basic types of CAD jobs. The first are those that may involve repeatable or continuous work, and the second are those that may be single or one-time jobs. Therefore, it only makes sense that one can alleviate a great deal of anxiety by focusing mainly on the former, and fitting in the later as circumstances might allow. With this understanding, one can then tailor their approach to bring the greatest reward for the effort invested.

Repeatable opportunities:
Repeatable SolidWorks job opportunities might include working locally with the following:
  • manufacturers
  • fabricating shops
  • design firms
  • providing instruction at a high school or technical college
  • sub-contracting under another associate
These above areas, while potentially being more self-sustaining will also require an investment in time and resources to make initial contacts. State and local websites listing businesses in your area are an excellent resource to finding contact information to assist in your endeavors. Thereafter, regular networking and routine inquiry should become a pattern.

For general convenience, you might choose to designate your home as 'ground zero', per se, and make your intial contacts within a defined radius of your location. This radius can then be expanded as necessity warrants.

It should go without saying that you will want to document all your contact efforts. Doing so will allow you to not only become better acquainted with the many businesses in your locale, but will also aid in establishing your contact database to make your future efforts that much easier.

Single one-time opportunities:
Single or one-time jobs may come from being contacted by or pursuing:
  • independent inventors
  • home-owner projects
  • internet freelance jobs
These single type opportunities will typically come about from being contacted through your marketing efforts or from referrals. Internet freelance jobs are, on the other hand, dependent upon finding, bidding and being accepted.

So, being creative with SolidWorks can mean much more than just modeling and design. For the SolidWorks CAD entreprenuer it also involves using your ingenuity to enthusiastically pursue and generate your business opportunities!