Thursday, September 8, 2011

SolidWorks Installations - What's in the works?

In the present atmosphere of being e-connected and with growing cloud based application acceptance, SolidWorks is investigating the feasibility of whether their customers would be interested in downloading all SolidWorks based installations.  This foray into potentially altering their standard delivery method of annual release upgrades from the shipment of boxed disks to that of downloads, seems on the surface to be a worthy topic for investigation.

In addition to the single license client, SolidWorks is looking into whether larger groups could even get by on receiving one disk for the entire group.  In all practical terms, transitioning to downloads for all SolidWorks based installations and upgrades makes practical sense.  The cost savings potential to SolidWorks and the environmental benefits appear obvious.  What isn't obvious however is what the client may be losing in ways that are yet unknown or unforeseen.

As technologies develop, we oftentimes experience greater dependency on many levels.  Considering the serious price extended for a licensed seat of SolidWorks, are you one who would want to keep a physical disk for any potential needs that might yet be unanticipated?  Or are you comfortable accepting an ever growing dependence to online connectivity?

SolidWorks Users have the opportunity to weigh in on this theme by means of the SolidWorks Usage Survey for Q2 2011.  In this manner, clients can communicate their current methods and installation preferences, which should facilitate and aid in steering any upcoming decisions.