Wednesday, May 25, 2011

SolidWorks n!Fuze... cloud based file collaboration

Online sharing and collaboration for CAD designers and engineers may become easier with the SolidWorks Add-In application entitled n!Fuze, soon to be available in a public preview / beta launch.  Intended for smaller-sized companies looking to collaborate in the design process, SolidWorks n!Fuze delivers on all fronts of concern for the typical designer.

(C) DS SolidWorks
Developed on the ENOVIA platform, n!Fuze allows for sharing and collaborating designs and ideas securely with anyone you want, inside or outside of your organization, wherever they are.  That mix includes SolidWorks users and those who don't use SolidWorks.  As an Add-In for SolidWorks 2010 and 2011, n!Fuze is cloud-based and integrates seamlessly with no additional IT support, servers, or central administration to be concerned about.

While it should not be considered a PDM system as in the sense of Enterprise or Workgroup PDM, it does carry beneficial collaborative features that address the unique needs of the design process. These include commenting with files and projects, managing versioning of files, and illustrated dependencies in assemblies.  The arrangements of n!Fuze include a one month free trial, with monthly subscriptions available for purchase through the 3DStore.  Subscribers can then invite non-subscribers to collaborate for free, and all support will be from a community based forum.  Online storage capacity starts at 15GB, with an additional 50GB available for purchase.  As advertised n!Fuze looks to be easy to buy, easy to use, and accessible instantly from anywhere!  Sales presentations aside however, SolidWorks users are eager to see if this most recent foray into cloud based applications will prove to be a practical and reliable solution to design collaboration.