Friday, December 26, 2008

Are You Considering Starting a CAD Business?

So you realize your need for secular employment and have a passion for CAD but are unsure where to start so as to make it a personal or business endeavor? And with the world economic situation being uncertain at best, how can one continue in the field of CAD following... say a layoff? Well, a few options lay before you, and as with any decision there are pro's and con's for each.

An obvious option is to pursue an advertised job opportunity. The clear advantages are relative job stability and the intrinsic fiscal and insurance benefits that are afforded to company employees. Many enjoy a predictable routine, a professional office environment, in-house manufacturing, and training opportunities that larger companys may support. Disadvantages might include, ...yes, a predictable routine, or being limited to specific product design. Afterall, you've got this great imagination for design and your CAD software capability encourages you to look at all that it can do for you, and well... now you're stuck designing widget accessories... everyday!

A second option might simply be to offer your CAD services as yourself. In other words, pursue part-time or temporary work through reputable temporary work agencies or job ads. The advantages to this option are having little to no overhead or business maintenance concerns, along with workplace flexibility. Initial disadvantages may include having a limited reputation on which to build from. Since one could be pursuing jobs through temporary work agencies, each application would be essentially similar to a job interview. Over time however, the agencies along with the companies you might work with will gain knowledge of your CAD abilities and reputation and that could do much to ensure your future employment prospects.

A third option would be to establish a CAD business entity with yourself as the owner and operator. This is the option that enabled the establishment of CAD Graphics, LLC . Very similar in some regards to the second option of working as yourself, it also significantly promotes the seriousness of your intent to work in the field of CAD, and in this way expands on potential job opportunities. Perceived disadvantages, albeit inherent to a business, include the efforts one must expend to establish the legal arrangement, supporting the structure, and marketing the business. These aspects may initially seem impossing, however with forethought and moderate ambition, things can come together relatively easily.